Shikun & Binui, The Ashalim Solar Thermal "PLOT A" Power Station
שיכון ובינוי מקבוצת אריסון
Our Environment, Our Future

Solel Boneh Infrastructure

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The Ashalim Solar Thermal "PLOT A" Power Station

Client: the State of Israel (PUA – Public Utility Authority – Electricity)
Concessionaire: Negev Energy
Scope of Project: NIS 3 billion

This BOT project, the first of its kind in Israel, for the design, finance, construction and operation of a solar thermal power plant at Ashalim with a capacity of 110MW.
The project includes:
  • Plant area: 4,000 Dunham
  • Steam turbine
  • 4 hrs of thermal storage (molten salt)
  • Annual production: 434 G/Wh hour
  • Solar field includes 338 loops of solar collectors (parabolic trough)